SomeNews: The Misstakes

Mr Steve N Allen returns to the Edinburgh Fringe for another year of The SomeNews Show.

2015 sees "SomeNews: The Misstakes" come to the festival.

We all make mistakes, but some people make them that are so big they get talked about in the news. by looking at the news stories of people mucking up Steve finds out who messed up the worst, what we can learn from it, and most importantly, how much worse their mistakes were than ours.

"After seeing this show you'll feel way better about your own mishaps."

The show info is...

Venue: Bar 50, 50 Blackfriars Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1NE
Price: Free
Show Time: 7:15pm
Dates: August 6-30
Tickets: Book here

Come along and see the show while you can.