Which Cast Member Are You?

Take this simple fun quiz to find out which member of the cast of SomeNews: Live with Mr Steve N Allen (5:15pm, Dropkick Murphy's, Edinburgh) you are.

1: Before performing at Dropkick Murphy's at 5:15pm everyday apart from Sundays, do you like to...

Drink enough coffee to wake a recently deceased dog

Hand out flyers to people who look at you like you're trying to rob their kidneys

Check Twitter in case some news story breaks that means I have to drop part of the show

2: While on stage between 5:15pm and 6:15pm, Monday to Saturday during the Fringe, you think of an offensive joke, do you...

Say it, people shouldn't be at a comedy festival if they don't have a sense of humour

Tweet it, because, well, Twitter

Feel a sense of shame building within

3: On your way to the gig at Dropkick Murphys, just off Candlemaker Row in Edinburgh, you buy some sugar-free Polos and notice it says "excessive consumption may have laxative effects". Do you...

Take it as a warning

Take it as a challenge

Offer several to any audience members you didn't like

4: A bunch of drunken locals are walking towards your gig at Dropkick Murphy's, Merchant Street, EH1 2QD, not on the bridge where everyone thinks it is, under it, do you...

Hand them a flyer to your show, they might settle down

Put on your best Scottish accent, pretend you're one of the pack and lead them away

Hand them a flyer to someone else's show you don't really like

5: In a bid to get more people to your Edinburgh show, which is on at 5:15pm everyday apart from Sundays at Dropkick Murphys, do you...

Mentions the venue and place whenever possible

Set up a strange online quiz

Make a deal with the devil to sell your soul even though it's already been destroyed by all the flyering